Stuff I Love


Ghost towns

Dilapidated, abandoned old buildings that lend a glimpse of what once was.   As a kid, my mom would…


Nothing says “Summer” like bright red juicy cherries.   When they snap as you bite into them, I just…

Summer monsoons

Summer Monsoon season is magical.   Especially when there’s gratuitous thunder involved.

Boxed Wine

Can’t always ¬†judge a wine by its box.   This Trader Joe’s brand is a steal for ten bucks…


I freaking love this gorgeous state.   Last Friday I trail ran through saguaros in the morning and played…

My Isuzu Trooper

Rockin’ it Old School.   So many fond road trip and camping memories, packed full of people and gear.

TED talks

Changing the world through the power of sharing ideas.   The possibilities!

Garage sales

Like a treasure hunt for someone else’s junk.   A quarter?! Overpriced!


Fun music practically requires me to dance.   And makes me feel like I can conquer the world.  …

Co-working spaces

Gangplank, Chandler!   Friendly, welcoming space brimming with possibilities.

The Cheshire moon

Massive mischievous smile among the stars. Smiling for what’s on the horizon. It’s gonna be good.


Such pretty songs, especially from the big ones.   I want one in my life.

Chocolate covered marshmallows

Also belongs on the list of things I’m not allowed to buy again.   Guess what didn’t survive the…

Citrus season

When the trees are all happy and overloaded with juicy fruit.   Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, tangerines all in…

The public library

Note: not the “li-berry”   Who doesn’t love free books?

Really good vacuum cleaners

One that sucks.   A Miele. What dreams are made of.    


Creamy and delicious, yes please!   Don’t forget guacamole.

Ice skating

Even though Arizona doesn’t have much ice.   Can skate backwards! …slowly.